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About us
AFT International football Academy is the first talent search center in Istanbul, Turkey, where we have recruited players from more than 30 countries. We are the first talent search project in the world to have talent players from all continents of the world. We are striving to have the best growth development in the world in 2021, The first project of the International Football Academy where talented players are selected in A.F.T academy, and after training courses, the player is transferred to Big clubs, For the first time in the world, this project has been proposed by Salman Seifi, the founder and director of the A.F.T academy We goal is to discover the best talent players Is worldwide. After selecting a player to the A.F.T , the player's training and Matchs are placed in the progress chart table. It is determined how much the player has grown The player will be closely monitored by the A.F.T until the transfer to another club We other apps for players : * Taste and motivation * Confidence and confidence * Coolly * Focus Camps - Training - Tournaments - Matchs - One of our professional programs for growth and Is the player's progress. The A.F.T FOOTBALL Club is not a football school, but a professional academy that attracts talented players.

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